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Date: 16-01-2018
Time: 10:00 am
Venue: indira gandhi municipal stadium palakkad, kerala


Exploring new avenues of business
Kerala is the only State in India that need no introduction in International arena – God’s Own Country. When National Geographic prepared the list of 10 minits visit destinations, Kerala was there. Kerala is named in the lost of 50 places that should be seen in a lifetime and also in 100 best journey to be performed in the 21 st century. The fact that the educational as well as the health indices of kerala are at par with that of developed countries, attract more tourist to this land.
Tourism iss an important industry that enables kerala to earn foreign currency. Now handicrafts and andloom sectors have developed as a subordinate industry to tourism. Those who visit kerala will take a somewhat expensive piece of unique hardwork, or some unique clothing weavedin a special way as a momento. This phenomenon has rejuvenated the handicrafts-handloom industry, which where passing through a crunch period for sometime. Now government of kerala has come up with special programmes for the strengthening of handicraft – handloom sector. As the part of this programe to attract tourist and thereby international attention, Malabar craft mela is organized with special emphasis to handicraft and handloom products from kerala. It will happened from the 16 th to the 30 th of January 2018 at Indira Gandhi Muncipal stadium, Palakkad, Kerala.
Handicraft experts, diamond, steel experts, sculptures etc.. play an important role in this mela. Not only the display of there products , bu there production metheodology will portrayed live. The chance for direct interaction between the producers and consumers widedly opened the windows of new business avenues.
Major attractions
1. Display of unique handicrafts and handloom products from all over country.
2. Cultural evenings feature in eminent artist at Indira Gandhi municipal stadium, Palakkad.
3. Food court for savouring exclusive keralite culinary delights.
Middlemen are out
Malabar craft mela is much more than, display of jhandicrafts , handloom articles. Its an arena where the seller is interacting with the buyer face to face. Its also an arena where all aspects of an industry modules comes under one roof. When the direct interaction between a buyer and seller happens, them middleman whose only aims at explotation, its thrown out. In this mela, along with those, who come with exhibits, those traders who are aiming at broadening business beyond boarders will also be present. In this way this mela will act as a catalyst for new business relations.
Opportunities in wait
It’s a mela, that depicts the glory and weakness of kerala handcrafts and handloom. Its also a mela, to understand and evaluate the design, execution and production of this products. Malabar crafts mela provide a chance to understand the production methods of atleast some of those items, that are unique in kerala. Travels and tourist, both national and international are expected in large numbers at Malabar crafts mela, as it is happening in a major center like Palakkad.